Scent Descriptions

Scent Descriptions


25:43 (Lush): Strong citrus combination of lemongrass, lime and orange with sweet cotton candy & warm vanilla drying to a musk and tonka background.

American Cream (Lush): Creamy vanilla with a small touch of earthiness! Yummy vanilla with notes of jasmine and violet blend with lavender and rose on a warm, woody base.

Alpine Frost: Notes of coriander, snow flurries, frosted mint leaf, Arabian lavender, Baltic amber, cedar wood, cypress, and smoky vetiver.  

Apple Strudel: Fresh of the oven, comforting aromas of warm cinnamon and ginger swirled with drops of honey butter are drizzled over fresh Macintosh Apple slices and rolled oats to make this delicious baked treat.

April Fresh Downy Type: Dryer fresh linens enhanced with the aroma of an early spring afternoon. Citrus top notes. Middle notes of jasmine, violet & rose. Bottom notes of cedar, sandlewood & musk.

Avobath (Lush): A great clean and energizing scent with lemongrass, lemon verbena, bergamot and rosewood notes

Bahama Fizz (BBW): A tropical medley of citrus, pineapple, banana, kiwi and goji berry infused with sweet grated coconut.  Lingering undertones of spiced rum make this a summer scentsation! 

Banana Cream Pie: Ripe Banana, Quince Apple, Juicy Pearberry, Anjou Pear, Clove Buds, Plantain Leaves, Vanilla Extract, Pie Crust, Butter Rum.

Banana Nut Bread: The mouth-watering aroma of oven fresh banana bread. This delicious combination of walnuts, ripe banana, vanilla, and a touch of spice is sure to spark your appetite.

Birthday Cake: - A special treat for any sweet tooth! Indulge in the aroma of freshly baked cake straight from the oven. Blended with rich vanilla, pure cane sugar, and topped with a smooth and creamy white frosting.

Black Raspberry Vanilla: A luscious blend of raspberries, strawberries, coconut lemon, peach and vanilla.

Blonde Moment: Iced champagne mixed with rich sweet raspberry and cranberry.

Blueberry Pumpkin Patch (BBW): A delicious autumn blend of fresh, farm picked blueberries and ripe pumpkins.

Bombshell (VS): Bright citrus fragrance unfolds into a luscious fruity splash of crisp apples and red berries. A floral bouquet of wood rose, muguet and jasmine lend heart as sweet amber, woods and white musk add longevity. Inspired by Victoria's Secret® fragrance.

Butt Naked: This fragrance is a fruity Pineapple fragrance with coconut notes. It has a sweet baked vanilla base note.

Buttercream (Yankee): Fresh churned butter creamed with confectioner's sugar and vanilla bean.

Cactus & Sea Salt: Green, watery cactus accords mingle with fresh,
ozonic sea salt in this unique, clean fragrance combination.

Candy Fluff (Lush): Cotton candy, juicy bubblegum, pear, apple, sugared lemon drops and crushed Madagascar vanilla

Christmas Splendor: A fruity spicy bouquet with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and juniper notes with a sweet musky background.

Chocolate Brownie:  For chocolate lovers only! Everyone will think you've been baking their favorite brownies. Deep rich chocolate fragrance.

Cinnamon Caramel Swirl (BBW): Luscious buttery tones blend with crushed almond and creamed caramel to entice the senses with this fragrance delight. Ground cinnamon warms a bakery accord that is finished with sweet vanilla sugar to create longing.

Comforter (Lush): Fresh citrus top notes of bergamot and orange blend with clove and mint on background notes of soft florals patchouli, musk and vanilla.

Cotton Candy: Wonderfully sweet and delightful! You can almost taste the soft, sticky spun sugar at the fairgrounds.

Creme Brulee: Buttery Sweet Vanilla, combined with hints of fruity cherry, coconut, floral rose, citrus lemon and a touch of clove spice.

Diamonds & Pearls: 

Fresh and refined. A wonderful perfumy/floral fragrance with top notes of freshly sliced pineapples, middle notes of floral rose , jasmine and fresh green leaves. Bottom Notes of sweet musks.

Endless Love (VS): This is a very romantic scent, mixing light fruit, citrus, and florals.

Egyptian Musk: Soft white flower bouquet on a strong background of musk.

Fierce (Abercrombie & Fitch): Clean scent of fresh citrus and warm musk makes Abercrombie & Fitch's signature scent so captivating.

Fireside (Slatkin): Rich Cedar, sandalwood, and amber are the well supported base of the lightly dusted top notes of evergreen and fresh cut grass and a rich musk note giving the impression of a warm fire.

Fruity Pebbles (Cereal Type): Yummy, sweet and delightful blend of juicy orange, ripe berries, tangerines and sweet sugary vanilla.

Garden Party: Spring flowers take center stage in this delightful scent while blackcurrant; white musk and sandalwood create an alluring trail

Hello Beautiful (BBW): This shimmering white floral bouquet is a showered with dewdrops that add freshness. Hints of cassis brighten with fruity tones that blend with fresh greens and warm woods, unfolding to reveal creamed musk and golden amber.

Holiday Cheer: A fruity spicy bouquet with with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and juniper notes with a sweet musky background.

Home Sweet Home (Yankee): A heartwarming blend of cinnamon, baking spices and a hint of freshly poured tea.

Honey I Washed the Kids (Lush): Creamy honey with hints of citrus and floral on top of vanilla musk.

Juicy Couture: A fruity floral fragrance with mandarin, watermelon, green apple, marigold, lily and crème brûlée notes. The base is a woody vanilla complex including Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla, and a touch of musk.

Karma (Lush): Spicy orange oil with warm, earthy hints of patchouli. Light bursts of lavender and pine oil seals the deal, making this a multi-layered festivity of smells

Kiss Kiss: Green, Fruity Citrusy top notes with Jasmine. Lily of the Valley and Rose type of floral middle notes enhanced with woody, musky and sweet cotton candy type of bottom notes.

Lavender-Chamomile Bath: A wonderful babyish (best way to describe it) fragrance
enriched with lavender, chamomile and other natural
herbs - known for their relaxing and soothing properties.

Lavender-Vanilla: Wild Lavender combines with hints of Rose and Sweet Orange and a Warm Vanilla background.

Lemon Pound Cake: Notes of granulated sugar combine with warm butter notes and vanilla extract to provide a solid base to the sweetener notes of fresh lemon, lemon rind and graham cracker to make a sweet, yummy fragrance.

Love Spell (VS): Fruity sweet notes of Italian Bergamot, White Lady Peach and Strawberry mixed with middle notes of Apple Blossom, African Tamarind and a touch of Damask Rose. The base is Tonka Bean, Coconut Milk and White Musk.

Mother's Love: Sparkling citrus and fresh green foliage surround this lush bouquet with shimmering brightness. A blend of lavender and geranium is highlighted with wood violet at the heart of the fragrance, as velvet mossy undertones balance with white musk for a finishing touch of softness.

Olive Branch (Lush): Bright citrus fruits of lemon and bergamot intertwine with leafy olive branches, softened with musk and sweetened ever so lightly with vanilla.

Passionate Kisses: A playful fragrance oil is alluring, energetic, and fun. This fragrance begins with top notes of raspberry, blackberry, and fresh strawberries. Followed by mid notes of coconut milk and freshly picked roses. Ending in bottom notes of Egyptian vanilla and amber musk. 

Pink Sands: An exotic island escape opening with an ozonic ocean breeze and a fruity, citrus nuance leading to a floral bouquet of night blooming jasmine, rose petal, water lily and star anise, and finishing with a spicy, vanilla-amber and musk base-note.

Pool Towels: Crisp freshness comes from the citrus water top note that surrounds this lush green floral and lavender scent. Warm woods lead to the lingering tones of orange blossom and musk that create nostalgic appeal.

Rosemary-Mint (Aveda): A refreshing blend of rosemary, fresh garden herbs and zesty mint.

Sassy: Spunky and bold, this floral scent has its own cheeky style. Clean, ozony fresh, citrusy and slightly green aldehydic. Rose, jasmine and lily type of floral middle notes.
Earthy , mossy and musky make up its bottom notes

Sex Bomb (Lush): A blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage, all help you to unwind and clear your thoughts. Jasmine is known for being an aphrodisiac, it also helps to ease stress and anxiety.

Snow Fairy (Lush): Sweet smelling! A mixture of candy floss, bubblegum, pear drops and sugary goodness.

SoCal for Men (Hollister Type): Fresh beads of morning dew surround this sensual
blend of lavender, fern and aged woods. A finely
textured musk accord creates masculine appeal as
it blends with hints of precious amber and rich
vanilla bean at the base of the scent.

Sparkling Pear Riesling (BBW): Crushed Riesling grapes are blended with a hint of jasmine to create the beverage sensation that opens this scent. The rich pear fragrance signature is warmed with hints of wood and finished with a blush of creamed vanilla for lingering texture.

Sparkling Snowflakes: Sweet juices of rich black plum cascade over fresh, green pine needles.

Sugar Cookies: Freshly baked sugar cookies with a touch of butter and sweet vanilla. An enticing and scrumptious scent.

Strawberries & Cream: Strong notes of fresh sun-ripened strawberries mixed with a sweet vanilla cream. Fruity and delicious.

Sultana (Lush): Jasmine and lily, citrus and rose petals; base notes of olibanum and white musk.

Supernova (Lush): Floral top notes blend with orange blossom and hints of spearmint and are then laid down on a bed of musk and patchouli.

Sweater Weather (BBW): A burst of fresh air tingles with mint as it opens this festive blend, Snow covered pine needles are sweetened with winter berries and laced with wood notes that lead to the velvet mossy undertone. Lingering sweetness of vanilla musk finishes the scent.

Tahiti Sweetie: This fun and summery BBW Type is tropical and fruity with top notes of fresh grapefruit and pear, middle notes of peach and blackcurrant with a soft musky base.

Toasted Marshmallow: Sweet Vanilla and marshmallow with woody amber notes on top of cotton candy.

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow (BBW): Hints of fruit blend with a creamed butter top note to open this autumn treat. Spiced cinnamon intertwines with pumpkin tones and warm woods to accent the rich fragrance signature of sugared marshmallow, vanilla and musk.

Volcano (Capri Blue): Tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountains greens.

Wildflowers: Engaging freshly picked wildflowers, pansies, freesia, sunflowers and lilacs.

Yog Nog (Lush): Sweet caramel, buttery brown sugar and strawberry. The middle notes of ylang ylang and clove harmonize with delicate florals. Finally bottom notes of cotton candy, musk and warm vanilla round out this winner!

Lush Type Sampler

11 Scent Shots with these Lush Type scents:


American Cream

Candy Fluff

The Comforter

Honey I Washed the Kids


The Olive Branch

Snow Fairy



Yog Nog


Sugary Sampler

11 Scent Shots to satisfy every sweet tooth!

Candy Fluff (Lush Type)

Fruity Pebbles Cereal Type

Creme Brulee

Strawberries & Cream

Sugar Cookie

Chocolate Brownie

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow

Cotton Candy Swirl

Surprise Birthday Cake

Toasted Marshmallow

Buttercream Frosting


Romantic Sampler

11 Scent Shots with amazing sensual scents:

Hello Beautiful

Diamonds & Pearls


Love Spell

Endless Love

Kiss Kiss



Chocolate Brownies

The Comforter

Strawberries & Cream


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